Mrs. Shirley Martin, Torch Teams Hero

Mrs. Shirley Martin is a volunteer at Haleyville Elementary School. Her affiliation with the school began some twenty-plus years ago serving as a substitute teacher and classroom helper. Taking a short break to assist in caring for her own grandchild, she has served as a volunteer here at HES since 2002 where she accommodates teachers of kindergarten through fifth grades. Mrs. Martin volunteers daily, on a weekly basis, rotating throughout the school to assist all grades especially with copying needed materials for the days ahead, as well as other requests made by teachers and others as needed. As a veteran of twenty-six years, having experienced various teaching situations without such volunteer workers, I am especially grateful of the time Mrs. Martin saves me through her volunteer work. Her doing so allows me to spend more time toward being better prepared for instruction. Mrs. Martin states, "I love what I do." Mrs. Martin is indeed a hero in the sense of demonstrating noble qualities and great deeds at the expense of one's self. Mrs. Martin "volunteers" her services as a citizen who exemplifies dedication to a purpose, loyalty and commitment to the cause of education as well as sacrifice and service - giving of her time doing something for someone else.

Additional Info

  • Hero Occupation (past or present): Substitute Teacher/Volunteer
  • City: Haleyville
  • State: AL
  • Teacher's Name: Mel Hogan
  • School: Haleyville Elementary School
  • Grade Taught: Third

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