Richard Wingate, Torch Teams Hero

Mr. Richard Wingate is our class hero! He possesses many positive character traits and is a role model to us. Mr. Wingate is generous, dependable, and thoughtful. He generously gives his time to our school by being a member of our Board of Education as well as a member of the Parent Teacher Organization. Mr. Wingate is dependable. Every Wednesday he comes to eat lunch with our class. We love listening to his adventure stories about "Bun-Bun" the rabbit. Mr. Wingate is very thoughtful. He often volunteers at our school in various ways such as giving teachers "duty free lunch", participating in parent/student activities, and helping with work days. It is so obvious by his actions that he enjoys being with us as much as we enjoy being with him. We look up to him and look so forward to weekly his visits. Mr. Wingate is truly a role model to our class. The positive character traits he possesses and models for us are important as we are able to see them through in his actions, learn from him, and apply them in our lives now (both in and out of school) and in the future as we grow. We greatly appreciate Mr. Richard Wingate!

Additional Info

  • Hero Occupation (past or present): Accountant
  • City: Eufaula
  • State: AL
  • Teacher's Name: Mrs. Sharon Goff
  • School: Eufaula Elementary
  • Grade Taught: Third

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